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judith is a retired faculty member from the university of wisconsin in madison who came to maine in 1995. she has been practicing buddhism for over 25 years, beginning with geshe lhundub sopa, former tutor to the dalai lama, abbot of deer park monastery, and chair of tibetan studies at u. of wisconsin. she received precepts and took the bodhisattva vow from geshe-la vowing to help end the suffering of others.

after moving to maine, she began to study with thich nhat hanh, vietnamese zen master, nobel prize nominee, author, and peace activist. judith was ordained as a teacher in thay's (affectionate name for tnh) “order of interbeing” in 1997 at plum village, his home monastery in france. returning to maine, she taught mindfulness to students and staff at the university of maine machias, and to residents of hancock and washington counties.

in 2012, after discovering the works of eihei dogen, judith began to look for a teacher who was a specialist on dogen zenji and found okumura roshi. she took precepts and then received ordination as a soto zen priest in 2014. in 2016 she completed her shuso (head monk) training, and returned to maine to lead the great ocean zen center in the tradition of his lineage. she has now become semi-retired and teaches by appointment only.

judith describes her buddhist journey as “a great privilege to have walked the buddha way with three such wise and compassionate teachers. while their voices came from different cultures, their hearts shared the same message: "live fully in the now, together with all beings.”